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I retrieved the e-book versions of Velveteen vs. The Multiverse from the printer today and we're reviewing them. If all goes well, we'll have them on sale shortly. I also finally uploaded the data about the physical book to Amazon Marketplace, so that should open up another distribution channel soon.

I added Seanan's afterword to jimhines's book, The Goblin Master's Grimoire, along with the bibliography that he and shsilver prepared, which gave me a good enough page count (I'm only missing the intro and table of contents now, having added the last page of boilerplate today as well) that I could get the template for the cover art specs to forward to our cover artist.

And I've been prepping for tonight's Windycon meeting.

In studio news, I have sent an MP3 of "Dark Moon Rising" to sweetmusic_27 that includes the fiddle part from our last run at this project. The fact that we're having to re-record the fiddle part is not Amy's fault -- it's because I discovered that the transfer that she was playing against had enough flanging going on that it was going to make me insane. And sadly, that flanging has made it essentially impossible to transfer the fiddle part from that transfer to the older, better transfer, so Amy is being nice to me by recording it again. (And I appreciate it!)

The new piece of gear arrives tomorrow, so I will be gleefully rewiring things one more time.

And then we'll see if I manage to lay down some new scratch tracks, which is sort of pending how my voice is doing as I recover from bronchitis.

*cough* *cough*
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