Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

What's the Buzz?

I finally went down to the basement today to record "Dream Rider" and "Candy Tree". And the guitar said a bad word: "Buzz".

I finished recording the scratch tracks, loaded the guitar into the car (actually, I loaded three guitars into the car), and headed off for The Guitar Works. It turns out that Terry is off on Fridays and was out of town, but the handy fellow in the shop adjusted the shim under the saddle and the tension on the neck, and the evil buzz is now gone.

While I was there, I also asked him to install a strap peg on the new used guitar that I got earlier this year so that I can put a strap on it. And we checked and discovered that the new used guitar will fit in the case that the third guitar -- which had been my "flying on airplanes" guitar -- was in (it had been a bit balky about going in at home and I hadn't wanted to force the issue), so the new used guitar is now good for my next airplane trip with it.

It took nearly three hours by the time I drove there and back, but the guitars are much better now. :)

And after dinner, it will be back to working on Windycon...
Tags: dodeka, filk, guitars, home, musings

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