Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Ok, This Is How Busy It's Been

I am absolutely delighted -- and really, really late -- in getting around to mentioning just how happy I am to find that daisy_knotwise and I were nominated for the Pegasus Award for Best Filk Song for "Apology" and that I was nominated for Best Classic Filk Song for "Teenage Popsicle Girl". This wasn't something that I expected and I'd like to thank everyone who nominated us. (Well, heck, I'd like to thank everyone who nominated period, because the more of us who get out there and nominate, the more representative the nominees are.)

I am also greatly amused (and/or bemused) to realize that these are the only two humorous songs nominated in those categories. As someone whose first album was titled The Grim Roper, I'm starting to think that I may have transcended that reputation.

Either that, or I have to take Gretchen seriously when she says, "If you're not writing ose because you're too happy, I can fix that." :)

(Fortunately, she was only kidding...)
Tags: cons, filk, home, musings

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