Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

New Year's Cleaning

daisy_knotwise and I spent a couple of hours cleaning up her mother's old bedroom (now a guest bedroom) downstairs. We'd sadly gotten into the habit of piling things there to get them out of the way and it had become less of a room and more of a pile of stuff. Now it's a room again.

Two bags of trash left (mostly from the closet and the pile on the floor), along with a bin of recycling (mostly from Christmas), and we swapped the treadmill and chest of drawers around, making the room much more accessible, even when the treadmill is down. We hung a couple of pictures, found the missing wedding photographs, and just overall improved things.

We've still got to put the mirror back onto the dresser, but the first two sizes of screw that we bought weren't quite right, so it's back to the hardware store tomorrow. (The original screws have vanished. Fancy that.)
Tags: home, musings
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