Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper


And jimhines book, The Goblin Master's Grimoire, has been uploaded to the printer's FTP site and the deposit has been paid.

There was much rejoicing!

This weekend, ISFiC Press financials...

(There's a radio commercial from some years back where the boss asks a guy if he can do X. "Piece of cake!" Then he gets asked if he can do Y. "Piece of cake!" The he gets asked if he can do Z. "Piece of cake!" And the boss heads off and the guy mutters, "I think I just had too much cake..."

I had budgeted time this year for chairing Windycon. I had even budgeted time to take over the book production for ISFiC Press.

I did not budget time to deal with being the Publisher for ISFiC Press.

And there lies the fundamental scheduling problem of the year. I mean, I even budgeted for the usual level of chaos at work...

Next year, I will be writing more music.

Piece of cake! :) )
Tags: filk, home, isfic press, musings, windycon, work

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