Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Things End

In the "Oh, Lord, do not let my e-mail do this again" category, I have crawled through over 5500 messages in my Inbox and dispatched them to either the bit-bucket or various storage locations. I am now down to less than 100 live messages, which is a minor miracle, aided and abetted by my lovely bride who kept Katie and Julie occupied while I was doing this.

At this point, I can now figure out what bits of information I am missing from the ISFiC Press financials...

In other news which made me happy and did not required going through 5500 e-mails, the Cardinals clinched the best record in the NL today as they beat the Cubs 4-0. This means they will have home field advantage for as long as they survive in the NL playoffs.

I will keep my fingers crossed. :)
Tags: baseball, cardinals, cons, cubs, home, isfic press, musings, windycon

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