Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Tablets, Mr. Rico! Zillions of Them!

Well, four, actually.

All of the ISFiC credit card machines having decided to keel over and die, we're going to shift over to using Square for credit card transactions at the con this year. This will have some advantages and some disadvantages, but overall it should work out better in the long run.

And the happy news is that the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 seven inch version will run Square without a problem. And it was only $199 each, which compares pretty favorably with the cost of credit card machines. :)

We'd been looking at Square for a while, but the cost of the hardware was being a problem, since you can't really say to someone, "Hey, let's use your phone all weekend!" (Well, not if you're being reasonable, in any case.) And now the cost of the hardware has finally dropped to the point where Square is looking good.

We're going to try it out for Dodeka too at ConClave. For that, I've picked up a pay-as-you-go wireless hotspot.

Here's hoping I can get a signal...
Tags: cons, dodeka, musings, tech, windycon

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