Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Cards Win!

Because of timing, I hadn't really had an opportunity to watch any of the Cards/Pirates NLDS save for an occasional inning here and there. Tonight, however, was the deciding fifth game broadcast during prime time and daisy_knotwise, Katie, and Julie were good enough to give me the space to watch it.

It was a happy event (if you were a Cardinals fan). Gerrit Cole really made only one mistake during his five innings of work for the Pirates, but David Freese turned on it for a two run homer. The Cards were up 3-0 when the Pirates strung together three infield hits off Wainwright for a run, which made things feel a lot closer.

And thus it remained until Matt Adams, who is only playing because Allen Craig is injured, launched another two-run shot in the bottom of the eighth, making it 5-1, followed not too long thereafter by a Pete Kozma infield hit to make it 6-1.

That was plenty of room for Wainwright, who gave up a couple of hits in the top of the ninth before finally striking out Pedro Alvarez to end the game.

And now it's the Dodgers.

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