Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

A Generally Successful Birthday

After we got the kids off to school, daisy_knotwise took the van over to the dealership to get the transmission reprogrammed under a recall. They also did the recall adjustment for the sliding doors. Then she came home and we went out for a nice birthday lunch.

I picked up Katie and Julie from school and took them over to the Jewel where we acquired birthday cards, a balloon, a chocolate cake, and some candles. Then it was home to present these things to Gretchen for her birthday. Rather than setting the whole cake on fire (see Murphy's Romance for the reference), I decided to handle it in binary, since it still fits conveniently in six bits. So all six candles were lit, but four were up and two were down.

For dinner, we went out to Sweet Tomatoes, which turned out to be an excellent choice since they have the cream of mushroom soup -- one of Gretchen's favorites -- all week.

Then it was home, some TV with the girls, and off to bed.

That'll work. :)
Tags: gretchen, home, musings
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