Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Fall Cleaning

We went to the grocery store and returned with a great many perishable items which needed to go into the refrigerator. Unfortunately, the fridge was being determinedly full. Well, I could fix that. What in here should actually come out?

The leftover pizza from last week could go. Let's check the other leftovers. Ok, that's ok. That's not.

And then I found the remains of The Great Jello Spill of 2013.

Before I was done, I had pulled everything out of the fridge and enlisted daisy_knotwise to clean the shelves that I removed and sent over to the sink, while I triaged the food that had come out.

Then I started to reassemble the fridge.

And I realized that it was no longer running.

Ok, maybe it had shut off in self-defense with the door hanging open for that long. So I turned it off and finished putting it back together, putting all of the surviving food back in. And then I turned it back on.

And nothing happened.

So I pulled out the laptop and started pricing refrigerators, an exercise that I've been engaging in lately given that the fridge is seventeen years old.

And the compressor started running.

Apparently, the secret was to scare the fool thing into working...
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