Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

And The Big Train Rolls On

This will appear shortly on the Windycon 40 website and our social media, but here it is for the rest of you as a preview:

The roustabouts have struck the Big Tent and it’s now moved on down the track, heading toward its next stop. As the Ringmaster for this event, I am left to say farewell before striking out after them.

All of this could never have happened without a great many people who helped pull the train along. I cannot begin to name them all in this space, but I appreciate the hard work that everyone did to make Windycon 40 a success.

Many of the folks working the convention work in the background where you can’t see them, but their contributions are vital – people like Kyle, Ken, Taz, Daniel, Tom, Rick, Vlad, Lon, Cassy, and Devin, who are keeping things running when you aren’t looking. Some people stepped up to new challenges this year, filling holes that needed to be filled, like John and Tracy in Con Suite, and Alyson and Scott in Parties, while others returned to old haunts, like Dave Hoshko who resuscitated our Movie program from a brief hiatus, and Bonnie and Karen who kept the various plates of our Special Events spinning. And Pat and John and Sandra and Steven ensured that there was plenty of Programming for all, while Wendy managed the Costume track and Masquerade, Gundo made music happen everywhere, Alex kept Gaming clicking along, and Lisa and Michael put together a kids’ programming track that delighted my two young daughters (and many other children), a feat for which I’m very grateful.

I could list out the whole concom before I’m done, but I’ll just mention two more people here. Dave Ifversen heads our Tech crew and brings in a truckload of gear every year from his Storage Locker of Holding to make sure that we’ve got everything that we need as he continues working at the most expensive hobby in the world. And Angela Karash was my Vice-Chair and Timelord, doing far more work than she might have expected and helping make sure that everything was on time.

And then there were our guests, who were a joy to work with. They were always enthusiastic and full of ideas for things that they could do to fill the assorted rings of our circus. Jim, Pete, Steve, Michael, Bruce, Karen, and all of the guys from Fyberdyne Laboratories, thank you so much for being our guests this weekend. I could not have found a nicer group of people to share a dais with.

I’d also like to thank the folks from our charity for this year, To Write Love on Her Arms, and I know that they would like to thank all of you as well for the reception that you gave them.

Finally, let me say thank you to every one of you who attended Windycon 40, whether you are one of the people who throw parties, or go to programming, or spend money in our Art Show and Dealers’ Room. You are the reason that we do this and the reason that we can do this; the reason that our hotel likes our convention enough to donate a free room night to one lucky attendee; the reason that our hotel liaison’s job is just a little bit easier than it might be otherwise.

I see that the circus train is receding into the distance and it is time that I hurry off to catch up with it. Old Ringmasters never die, they just fade away, or so I hear – and the horizon is always closer than it seems.

I hope that you enjoyed our Big Tent this year and that we’ll see all of you again in the future.

Bill Roper
Windycon 40
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