Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Katie Is Seven

Today was Katie's seventh birthday. Yesterday, we had the major birthday party with her friends. Today, it was a more relaxed affair.

First, it was off to the mall for lunch at Red Robin and a trip to acquire the bear that Katie had asked for from Build A Bear Workshop. We stopped by the play area on the way. As you can see, Katie's quite enthused about the whole thing. The bear in hand is Justin, who is the class pet from school who was visiting us for the weekend.

Queen of the Hill

Julie was busily bopping along to the music while we were driving along. Either that or it's just Julie Gangnam Style...

Bopping Along

Gretchen and I collaborated on a home-made cake (more or less) today. The cake was from a mix, but the icing was from scratch. Overall, it was yummy.

The Cake At Home

And here's Katie with her new bear, Angela, and Justin. I doubt that there's romance in the future for the two of them -- Justin's a bit of a traveling bear, from what I gather. :)

Bearably Cute

I may have pictures from yesterday's party later, but I wanted to get these posted, because something is better than nothing and I have been horribly derelict lately.
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