Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

I Have Seen the Future

Katie had a Daisy Scout outing in Glenview today. After I dropped her off, I headed over to Abt Electronics, the theme park of appliance stores, that was almost next door to the site of the outing. And I shopped.

I didn't buy anything, although there were a few things I considered.

But, oh my, the televisions!

I had seen the new Sony 4K panel at another store. But Abt had 4K panels from many manufacturers. There was a $24,000 85 inch Sony 4K panel. However, that price was dwarfed by the $40,000 85 inch Samsung 4K panel. I'm not sure what made the Samsung panel that much pricier than the Sony, but they both looked magnificent.

Then there was the curved screen OLED TV also from Samsung. It was a 55 inch set with a normal HD resolution and another magnificent picture. It was a relative bargain at $9000.

None of the TVs came home with me, although there was a Samsung plasma set that tried hard. But we have enough TVs right now.

And magnificent TVs will only get cheaper. :)
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