Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Black Friday and Other Notes

I read through all the sale papers in yesterday's Chicago Tribune and determined -- with very little difficulty -- that there was nothing on sale that I needed or wanted enough to even think about going shopping today. So we slept in. :)

I did pick up a new pop filter at an excellent price from Sweetwater, but that was done yesterday from the comfort of my recliner chair. And today, I have ordered a replacement head for my electric shaver. The excitement is palpable.

Note from yesterday's Thanksgiving dinner: we've been making cornbread pecan stuffing for some years now from a variety of recipes. When we were in Trader Joe's the other day, I sampled some stuffing made from their cornbread stuffing mix, discussed it with daisy_knotwise, and decided we should give it a try. Suitably adulterated with diced apples, dried cranberries (sulfite-free!), and pecans, it was really good. :)

I'm going to run get lunch with the family, then abandon them for a couple of days as I head down to Chambanacon.

I'll see some of you there!
Tags: cons, home, kids, musings

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