Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Yet Another Week of Baseball

I saw two more baseball games last week at Wrigley, which means I'm now three over my projected total for the season. If I'm lucky, I won't see any games there this week.

You see, if the Cubs clinch today, they won't play until the World Series. And I have tickets for games 3-5, so... (Also, I have a lot of things to get done.)

I'd intended to transcribe some old four-track reel-to-reel tapes using a deck I'd borrowed from Spencer. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the mounting hubs for the 10.5 inch reels. I knew this when I borrowed it, but figured I'd figure it out later.

Well, the Otari hubs don't fit it. I have some 1/2 inch tape hubs on my eight-track deck that won't work either for holding 1/4 inch tape. So I called Spencer who said, "What hubs?"

Now, I'm pretty sure this deck had hubs on it when I sold it to Clif who sold it to Spencer, but Spencer doesn't recall seeing them and Clif isn't home to ask right now. Spencer said to see if I could buy a set of hubs. As it happened, a bit of research found the hubs on a website in Pennsylvania, so with luck, I'll get them before OVFF, can transcribe the tapes, and get the deck back to Spencer. Keep your fingers crossed.
Tags: baseball, cubs, filk, musings

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