Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Technical Updates

I decided to experiment with the Cree LED bulbs that are available at Home Depot. Sadly, they aren't discounted here by our local utility as mdlbear has occasionally found in his area, so they're pricey. But I grabbed one of the 60 watt daylight bulbs and installed it in our laundry room.

Wow! That was bright!

It turns out that it replaced a GE Reveal 60 watt bulb that was rated to put out 565 lumens. The 60 watt equivalent LED bulb put out 800 lumens. Definitely brighter. Definitely with a bluish tinge.

I wasn't sure if I liked the shade of the light, so I bought three more of the 60 watt soft white bulbs and installed them in the control room in the studio. They replaced a regular 60 watt bulb, a 60 watt Reveal, and a burned out bulb. :)

It is now much brighter in here, but seems a bit yellow to my eyes. (I'm down in the studio typing while waiting for the dryer to buzz so I can swap out laundry.)

We'll see how I feel about the bulbs in a month or so.
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