Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Dashing Through the Snow

Last night, I took Katie out shopping to buy Christmas presents for Julie and daisy_knotwise, while Gretchen took Julie out to buy presents for Katie and me. This was precipitated by the forecast for snow overnight.

We got up this morning and I cleared half of the driveway with the shovel so that we could get my car out without packing things down too much. Katie and Julie wanted to help, but the problem is that they push snow around to places that I've already cleared, which is a new definition of help that I have previously become acquainted with. It was about three to four inches of moderately heavy snow, so it didn't take too long to move, but it was definitely a delay on the way to lunch.

When we got back, I fired up the snowblower for the first time this season and cleared the other half of the driveway and the sidewalks in short order. A bit of grooming with the shovel (aided somewhat by Julie) and a salting by Gretchen and we were in good shape.

Then it was up to the office to order some more Christmas presents and to activate what is functionally my big Christmas present, the new Nexus 5 phone, as the SIM card arrived today. That went reasonably smoothly, although I may have to go through a few more gyrations to get the old numbers transferred. But the old plan is effectively paid through the end of the month, so I will stall on that for a bit.

Finally, as promised, I loaded Julie into my car and we went out to Woodfield Mall (for the second time in two days) where Julie bought a present for Gretchen. Then I took her off to Build-A-Bear Workshop, where she picked out her early Christmas present, a Rainbow Dash My Little Pony.

She likes it a lot. :)
Tags: home, kids, musings, tech, weather

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