Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

RIP: Camel

The Camel was the first HDTV that we owned, acquired back in December 2002 for a substantial sum of money. It was called the Camel, because I had bought a new TV stand to replace our old, ugly TV stand, having heard daisy_knotwise say "Our TV stand is ugly." Gretchen continues to maintain that what she actually said was "These entertainment centers are nice." The truth of the matter is lost to history. :)

But the new TV stand, made of real wood instead of black particle board and quite attractive, was quite large. Large enough that it made our 31 inch tube TV look petite. Large enough that Gretchen immediately referred to it as the Camel's Nose that had now penetrated our family room and would surely be followed by one Camel of an HDTV.

Of course, I had no intention of buying an HDTV, because there wasn't enough HD source material yet and burn in was a problem.

Except on the lovely DLP set that I saw at Tweeter when I was out Christmas shopping for Gretchen.

(Stop laughing! I was out Christmas shopping for Gretchen. I merely stopped at Tweeter on the way home.)

And then I dragged Gretchen to the store to see it and then it came home with us.

It turned out to have been fortunate that I'd bought the extended warranty, because the light engine failed after about two years and would have cost a small fortune to replace, since it was most of the guts of the TV. But other than that, it performed admirably as it became progressively more obsolete. Although it didn't have an HDMI input, a DVI to HDMI cable was sufficient to get the signal out of our DirecTV box in HD and that alone cured most of my latter-year frustrations with it.

Eventually, it was replaced with a larger, cheaper DLP set with an LED-based light engine and migrated up to our bedroom where it was watched nightly by us and our little girls.

But the set has now started freezing up, showing a picture that looks like a black and white posterized image of the last moving picture on the screen as the dialog continues to pour out of the speakers. A reboot fixes it, but it is not long for this world without repairs that I'm not really up for trying to do.

So the Camel is being passed along to a good home where it will either be resurrected by better hands than mine or stripped down for parts.

The DLP set from the family room will move up to our bedroom, as it will shortly be replaced in the family room by a larger, cheaper plasma screen.

Eleven years isn't too bad. :)
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