Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
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I had a fine time at GAFilk this weekend, which could only have been finer had we been able to spring daisy_knotwise from Da Bank. But that wasn't going to work out.

Attendance was down a bit and the con probably lost some money, but nothing disastrous, I'm assured by bedlamhouse. There wasn't nearly enough time to talk to all of the people that I might have wanted to, nor to listen to everything that I might have wanted to hear, but that's par for the course and just means that I wasn't likely to be bored.

Now, the question is: How many LJ handles can I remember off the top of my head of the folks who were there?

ladyat (always gracious and a heck of a dancer), weirdsister (with a cool new electric standup bass), quadrivium (who was having an annoying time with the keyboard's power supply jack), ohiblather (who did a wonderful impromptu flute line behind Falling Toward Orion on Sunday afternoon and is also fun to dance with), jodimuse (who I had an opportunity to have a nice chat with on Saturday and who -- along with quadrivium and weirdsister -- was part of the amazing GAFilk House Band), tigertoy (who I had lunch with on Saturday at the Barbeque Kitchen across the street), autographedcat (who surprised me by quoting one of my lyrics in "My Filk"), figmo (who I met on the shuttle bus on the way in from the airport), tnatj (who kindly gifted me with FilkHaven badges for me and Gretchen), filker0 and spiritdance (who did a fine concert on Friday night and with whom I plotted against the absent tarkrai on Sunday), catsittingstill (who writes damned well and sings in my key), thatcrazycajun (who sang With His Sketch Pad Underneath His Arm in honor of Kelly), janmagic (who also had to fly down as her riders vanished in a puff of budget), khaosworks (who is looking forward to Dixseption), and probably multiple someones that I'm forgetting, but it's getting awfully late here. :)

The flight back was delayed by weather at O'Hare (supposedly -- Gretchen reported there was nothing worse than some fog and mist when I called her), so I got in about two hours later than I'd anticipated. Fortunately, Lynn and Colleen's flight was also delayed, so I'm guessing they got out ok. (They were on my flight back to Chicago and needed to connect back to the West Coast.)

And that's the way it was.

(And I bought memberships for Gretchen and I for next year.)
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