Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

That Was the Year That Was

The first lines of my first post of the month for 2013 follow:

  • And here we are in 2013. :)
  • daisy_knotwise bought me a new stocking cap for my trips to the Loop this week.
  • Made it to San Jose in good time.
  • So it was back to work today, without the benefit of having taken a whole bunch of Benadryl to, well, "improve" is not the right word for what Benadryl does for analytical work. :)
  • Julie is five years old today.
  • The pool opened today.
  • Or at least, our dentist drills.
  • I went to the Cubs game tonight with a friend of mine and watched them lose to the Dodgers 6-4.
  • And that finishes laying out the main text for jimhines's book, The Goblin Master's Grimoire.
  • Well, four, actually.
  • The set of Java classes that I'm working on are not yet complete, but I was able to read a chunk of the old binary file format successfully today.
  • Chambanacon was great fun.
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