Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Nexus 5: The Voice Dialer As Random Number Generator

I've acquired a new Nexus 5 phone which I'm breaking in before switching over to it. Today, I downloaded all of my MP3s to the phone and then set out in the car to finish my Christmas shopping and see how the MP3 player functionality behaved.

And it worked admirably.

And then I tried to call home. I pressed the button on the radio to trigger the phone, it asked me to "call name or number", I said "call home", and nothing at all useful happened. Actually, it just hung up. I repeated this with the home number and daisy_knotwise's cell phone. Ick.

So when I got to the mall, I parked for a few minutes to see what was up. If I dialed a number directly on the phone, the Bluetooth connectivity worked fine, but the voice recognition via Bluetooth was completely hosed.

Later, I sat down in the mall (after I had finished my Christmas shopping), pulled out the phone, pulled up the dialer, tripped the microphone, and said "call home" directly to the phone.

It wants to dial 22554663.

I have no idea what that number is, but it's certainly not a U.S. phone number.

In the category of things that I have no idea about, I have no idea how you get to a Nexus 5 phone running Android 4.4 and have a voice dialer that is so completely broken. I've poked around on line and discovered that other people are having similar problems.

Apparently, I may be able to use the Google Now voice recognition via Bluetooth and I will investigate that later.

But really. This is just brain damaged.
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