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Having moved the TV downstairs to the stand upstairs, it was now time to wire everything together. Sadly, the surround system (which I admit we had not used in a very long time) had to come down, because there's no good place to put the center speaker. I'd picked up a pair of HDMI cables at Sam's Club, since the new / old set has three HDMI inputs, which meant that I could wire in the satellite box, the DVD player, and the Roku. The old DVR (which is being maintained as a source of episodes of My Friends Tigger and Pooh) comes in via composite video, while the laserdisc player has to come in via a simple video connection. Then I wired the DVD player and the TV to the stereo receiver and (after an initial misstep) got the front speakers wired back to the receiver.

And everything worked.

Except for the laserdisc player, which stubbornly refuses to spin up. The video circuit is working, because I see the open and close messages on the screen, but the internal mechanism is frozen up.


It's been a very long time since we watched a laserdisc.
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