Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Snow, My Gosh!

It's not the nine or so inches of snow that fell on us across Saturday and Sunday that's the problem. (And which landed on top of the previous foot-plus, but that's another story.)

No, the problem is that someone decided to send really, really cold air to come sit on top of the snow. Supposedly, it's -13 right now. The high for the day was at midnight, as it got steadily colder after that. The low for the day was supposedly -16, so it is not getting warmer fast.

Schools were closed today. Schools (at least in Des Plaines) are closed again tomorrow.

Julie is wearing pants. Voluntarily.

Of course, that was prompted by her return home from the neighbors in her dress, from which she arrived with severely chilled legs from the minute-plus walk. They were substantially red. She sat in my lap and we covered her in a blanket. I rubbed her legs with my notably warm hands until they warmed up and I then managed to talk her into letting me put some Lubriderm on them -- which would normally be anathema! -- after which they looked (and felt) a lot better.

I ran out for lunch and to grab coffee for daisy_knotwise. Happily, the roads are in good shape, all things considered.

But it is cold out there!
Tags: home, kids, musings, weather

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