Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Immovable Objects

Now that the Christmas tree is down (daisy_knotwise and I carried it to the curb this morning before the rain could arrive and make everything outside terminally slick), the opportunity has arisen to consider rearranging the living room. The living room contains:

  • A sofa and coffee table
  • A recliner chair
  • A mid-sized arm chair
  • A small chair
  • Two matching rolling chairs
  • Two end tables that match the coffee table
  • The TV and its stand
  • A set of stacking tables that belonged to Aunt Kathleen
  • A small media rack with DVDs and Wii games
  • Three large bookcases

    The three large bookcases stand along the wall that runs from the front door to the hallway leading to the rest of the downstairs and are across from the stairway going upstairs. There's no moving them.

    The TV is on the short wall next to the staircase. We could move it, in theory, but there is nothing that really wants to go on that wall. Moving it would also assume that the original cable outlet in the room is still working, which is by no means certain given how often the system has been rewired.

    The sofa and the two end tables and the media rack are on the long wall opposite the bookcases that leads to the large opening to the dining room. They can all be moved in front of the picture window at the front of the house. In fact, they fit there nicely, as Katie and I determined when we moved everything around tonight.

    However, there is nothing else that looks right on that long wall leading to the dining room.

    Tomorrow, we will put everything back where it started. Pretty much the only things that got moved were the sofa and end tables, which were swapped with the rolling chairs and the stacking tables that normally would go where the Christmas tree had been.

    On the other hand, the amount of debris that I swept up from under the various bits of furniture as they got moved around was impressive. :)

    (This is not an indictment of our housekeeping -- instead it is a testimonial to the ability of small children to drop things on the floor and kick them under the nearest piece of furniture. I swept under that sofa last month. I swear I did...)
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