Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Can You Dig It?

Today was a day for excavation.

Following the assaults on the living room and the family room earlier this weekend which resulted in a great many things being put away, we took the Miles Vorkosigan route (Forward Momentum!) and kept going today. This resulted in six loads of laundry getting done, which is a large, but not unheard of number for a weekend day around here.

But that was not the excavation. Instead, daisy_knotwise and I made a full frontal assault on our kitchen table, which had gradually declined into a state of near uselessness under the crush of items that were piled on it. Gretchen grabbed one pile, I grabbed another, and we started sorting them out for transport to the correct destination -- not infrequently, the recycling bin, because a number of the papers buried in the basket that I was going through dated to 2007. That would seem a strangely arbitrary year save for the fact that Katie was born in November, 2006 resulting in major life changes for us. :)

So the records from my knee surgery went away, for example. And we found two uncashed checks from a friend of ours that we'll have to see if they were ever replaced. And a lot of birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day cards.

The table is not yet clean, but the end of the task is now visible.

Which is more than we could say before today. :)

(In other news, I found the "safe place" in my office where I had put the new ISFiC Press checks, so I can start writing those now...)
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