Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

And Now The News

The single most exciting thing that happened at Capricon this weekend was that a WGN-TV news crew came by on Friday to film a segment for the afternoon news. And the most exciting thing about this was that they arrived before noon. :)

You have to understand that, even for a four-day convention, Friday morning is not the most jumping time. So we scrambled to make sure that a few things were happening earlier than scheduled. And the easiest thing to schedule first was a musical set in the Capricon Cafe. I volunteered to help cover and Amy McNally was good enough to take the early bus down from Madison so that she could be there on time, so we hit the stage together at 10:30 AM, which I think was the earliest in the morning that there's been a filk concert since FilkCon 1. (Yes, I was in that set too, with my Good Buddy Clif.) I did some songs with Amy backing on the fiddle, then Amy did some solo pieces, and then it was 11 AM and we finished up.

Of course, the camera crew hadn't arrived yet. But our various friends who had been told about the performance and who had come to support us and the con had a good time. Afterwards, I hustled down to Registration to take care of a minor glitch there. And as I headed back down the hall, I heard that the camera crew had now arrived.

So Amy and I got back on the stage and played "Electric Skies" again. A reprise, so to speak. :)

And there are a few seconds of us and a mention of filk music (correctly identified as science fiction folk music) in the news report, which was overall one of the most favorable that I've seen about an SF convention ever. Major kudos are due to Ed, who handled Capricon's publicity and set all this up (and can be seen speaking at length in the clip, which you can find here).

The reporter, by the way, got the name of the convention right -- having it spelled as Capricorn in the accompanying text is one of those things that spellcheckers do to people who are hurrying to get something up on the web. :)

But I think that's the first time I've been on TV since I was on Scholar Quiz in high school. And that's pretty cool.

And thanks to Amy for hustling down to be there!
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