Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Home From Boskone

I'm back from Boskone, where I had an absolutely wonderful time as the Featured Filker.

It looked briefly like I wouldn't get home until tomorrow (or later) when Mary Kay phoned daisy_knotwise from her sick bed to let her know that she'd just gotten a text that my return flight on Southwest had been canceled. And when I went to try to reschedule the flight, none of the other flights into Midway had been canceled, but all of the others were full up. I managed to find a Tuesday morning flight with a plane change in St. Louis, but given the forecast for Boston on Tuesday, it wasn't by any means clear that Southwest wouldn't decide to cancel some leg of that flight too. And getting stuck in St. Louis (outside of baseball season) would be a bad thing.

Happily, the Chair, Ann, moved heaven and earth (pretty much literally) to snag the last seat on a morning United flight back to Chicago that got me back here ahead of the worst weather. I am extremely grateful.

It was a lovely con. Rick made sure that I was able to get to and from the airport successfully, Joni ran a fine den where I was able to snag some badly needed sandwiches, Spencer made sure that I was audible on the big stage, and Tim scheduled me on a number of enjoyable panels with panelists who all ably represented themselves. The best of the panels may have been the rescheduled fan culture panel, where I picked up several ideas that may be useful back here in Chicago.

As nearly as I could tell, everything ran smoothly, which is the touchstone for "if anything was going wrong, it was being handled well".

The filking was great and I had the chance to spend time with and chat with many of my friends from both the local area and all over.

I understand that Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff are next year's Featured Filkers. I trust that they'll have as fine a time as I did.

Thanks to everyone there for running a great con!
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