Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

The Tooth And Nothing But The Tooth

While I was at Boskone, Julie lost her first tooth. It was not the dead upper incisor that we'd been expecting to go -- instead it was one of the lower incisors. Surprise!

She decided to wait to leave it for the Tooth Fairy until Daddy had a chance to come home and see it. But before Daddy could get home, Julie managed to drop it on the floor of the van. This would not have been so bad, save for the fact that the girls drop everything on the floor of the van, which meant that the tooth vanished in a sea of everything.

It was relatively warm and extremely sunny today, so daisy_knotwise pulled the van out of the garage and spent some time cleaning it out, searching for the tooth. Once the vagrant popcorn was vacuumed up, it became much easier to spot the tooth. :) And the tooth was recovered and put safely into a Ziploc bag, from which it was extracted and shown to me this afternoon. I then handed the tooth back to Julie, who carefully put it back in the bag.

When the time came to go to bed tonight, the bag was missing. A long search ensued and the bag -- and tooth! -- were eventually found and placed under Julie's pillow.

And then we found that Buni, Julie's favorite blanket, had gone missing too.

Buni has been a bit more stubborn, but has to be around the house somewhere. If only we can figure out where she put it. In the meantime, she's sleeping with Star Buni, her alternate and much less-favored blanket.


The Tooth Fairy had darn well better show up tonight after all this...
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