Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Failures of Technology

Having ascertained that what the hotel wanted for Wi-Fi access in the Dealers' Room was just a bit high and outside, I pulled out the Verizon hot spot that I'd bought for just such an occasion, fired it up, connected the Square tablet to it, and went to log in and pay for net access.

Which might have worked if the webpage could be found, but it couldn't, despite the Jetpack showing plenty of signal. I tried to call the tech support number for the unit, but it showed up as disconnected. I called a different Verizon tech support number that Steve gave me, entered the phone number for the Jetpack, and was told they were having technical problems just before the phone robot hung up.

Yes. Yes, they are.

So we're running the charges on my phone over the Sprint network now. Backup strategies are my friend.
Tags: cons, filk, musings, tech

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