Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Digging Out

So the freestanding wicker cabinet over the toilet in our bathroom had the bottom shelf come partly loose last week. A second screw had come loose on that side, the first screw was completely missing, and the shelf was just a bit askew. Earlier this week, I'd picked up slightly larger screws as replacements, but there'd been no chance to fix the shelf during the week, because it had been very, very busy.

daisy_knotwise had hied off to a wedding shower this morning, so after I took Katie and Julie to lunch and watched them vanish into a playland of little girls upon coming home, I decided to prep the shelf. This meant removing all of the assorted comic books that were piled on it (and a smaller pile of sports magazines) that were all waiting to be read.

The sports magazines have become stale enough that I should just discard most of them, but they were the smaller part of the problem.

The comics, on the other hand, were an enormous mess. This was largely due to the fact that I'd gotten so far behind that I had several months worth of issues of the various books scattered in assorted spots in the pile, so there was no telling if I was picking up the oldest issue, the current issue, or something in between. This meant that I wasn't reading them often, because I didn't know where to start.

I pulled all of the comics off the shelf, took them to the bed, and sorted them out, reading several issues that were in the middle of sequences that I'd earlier pillaged both sides of. When Gretchen got home, we put the shelf back together. She then cleaned out around the toilet -- her idea, not mine :) -- and I put the shelf back and dropped my reading material back onto it.

I guess I should start plowing through the stacks...
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