Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Lots of Odd

With apologies to jeff_duntemann...

Last night, we had quesadillas for dinner. The girls were initially quite skeptical, but we persuaded Julie to eat a flour tortilla that we had filled with cheese, microwaved, and then folded over. Her reaction: "This is good!" Yes, dear...

The air conditioner in my car has been unwilling to keep up with the heat. On the way back from the baseball game on Saturday, it couldn't get the car cool at all and we finally opened the windows. Today, I took it to Meineke where they vacuumed everything out and recharged the refrigerant. So far, so good.

On the other hand, the leak in the family room ceiling is still there. I've got a very good idea of how the water is coming in now, but the fellow who was going to caulk the area is stubbornly refusing to return my phone calls. You wouldn't think it would be so hard to get this taken care of, but apparently finding someone reliable is harder than it looks. And it rained hard again tonight. *sigh*

The big demo for work went well today. Afterwards, I went through the code and reverted my changes from the weekend and replaced the HashMap in serialization with an IdentityMap as mdlbear suggested. Happily, the demo code still works after that. :)

And tomorrow the cleaning lady comes. Perhaps she will find the missing car keys.
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