Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

That High School Meme

By way of more friends that I can conveniently name:

What year was it?
1969-1973 (and spread across three different high schools: Hawthorne High School, Hawthorne CA; Mascoutah Community High School, Mascoutah IL; and Belleville East High School, Belleville IL)

What were your three favorite bands?
The Beatles; Crosby, Stills, and Nash (plus or minus Young); Simon and Garfunkel (to the extent that you can call them a "band")

What was your favorite outfit?
Short-sleeved shirts and polyester double-knit slacks. It was an ugly time.

What was up with your hair?
Not much. It tended to be relatively short.

Who were your best friends?
Steve Morenberg (Hawthorne); Glenn Woods (Mascoutah); Jim Wilson (East)

What did you do after school?
Played basketball down at the park (Hawthorne); Chess Club (Mascoutah and East). We won the state championship when I was at Mascoutah.

Where did you work?
I didn't. Well, not quite true. My senior year, I tutored a grade-school student in chess for $20 a lesson, which was really good money in those days.

Did you take the bus?
Only to Mascoutah, because it was definitely too far to walk from Scott AFB.

Who did you have a crush on?
Nobody at Hawthorne. Pixie Head at Mascoutah. Neena Summers at East.

Did you fight with your parents?
Not with my mother, but occasionally with my father.

Who did you have a CELEBRITY crush on?
Angela Cartwright, I suppose.

Did you smoke cigarettes?
My mother and father smoked like chimneys. This helped convince me not to.

Did you lug all of your books around in your backpack all day because you were too nervous to find your locker?
Not a chance. Heck, we didn't have backpacks...

Did you have a 'clique'?
I hung out with the Chess Club and, at East, with a group called "The Wall". (We hung around the outside wall of the math department offices.)

Did you have "The Max" like Zach, Kelly, and Slater?

Admit it, were you popular?
Heck, no.

Who did you want to be just like?
You know, it's a bit frightening, but I can't think of anyone who would have been the answer to that question.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Eventually a chemist, although I thought briefly about being a lawyer.

Where did you think you'd be at the age you are now?
I just didn't think that far ahead.
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