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Bill Roper's Journal
Small Victories 
28th-Jul-2014 11:13 pm
The new backup battery for the garage door opener came today. With some help from daisy_knotwise, I grabbed the ladder and swapped out the old battery and replaced it with the new one -- not without removing more bits and pieces of the garage door opener than should have been theoretically necessary!

Katie and Julie were quite upset about the whole thing, because when Gretchen threw the breaker to cut the power to the garage -- I could have unplugged the device from the outlet in the ceiling, but the phrase "way too far up there for this nine-foot ladder" leaped to mind and I decided I didn't want to leap -- this also shut down the power to the computer in the master bedroom where they were playing Minecraft with the neighbor girls.


Well, eggs and omelets and all that. :)

And Minecraft is easier to reboot than I am...
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