Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Back From Musecon

I had a really good time at Musecon, although I didn't attend pretty much any of the workshop sessions. There was at least one that I should have hit -- harperjen's arranging workshop this morning, but due to some more entertainment with our hot water heater, a really late night the night before, and the need to feed little girls, I didn't manage it. The workshops tended to fall into two categories: things I wasn't really interested in and things that I couldn't fit into my schedule. :)

Note to the concom: I understand that there are a finite number of slots in the schedule and that scheduling is a black art (been there, done that), but scheduling music workshops for 9 AM on Sunday morning is probably suboptimal given how late the filk ran last night. (Although Chas says attendance was good, so maybe it was just me that was asleep. :) )

But I enjoyed the songwriting workshop / panel that I was on with Eric, Lizzie, and Alex; I was able to catch the Moebius show on Friday night and Alex's concert on Saturday; and the filking was really fun, especially on Saturday night when things just got crazy in a very good (and not all-funny-all-the-time way).

The amount of tired that I am pretty much reflects how much fun I had. :)

So that's a good thing.
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