Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

And There's Why I No Longer Shop at Fry's

We bought a new dishwasher from Fry's some time ago and had them install it. Within a year of the time that we bought it, the dishwasher was falling forward out of the cabinets. I called Fry's at the time and they explained to me that they didn't warranty installation and asked if I'd bought an extended warranty on the dishwasher. I pointed out to them that their extended warranty explicitly excludes installation woes and that their installers were obviously incompetent and had botched the job. Since they were washing their hands of it, I was washing my hands of them and would never shop there again.

And I haven't.

I bought a replacement install kit for the dishwasher and we finally got someone in to reinstall the beast.

About $150 later, we now know that the problem was that the original Fry's-provided installer didn't adjust the leveling feet on the dishwasher so that it was hanging from the bracket which -- unsurprisingly! -- eventually bent and broke under the strain.

So if you're thinking of shopping at Fry's, especially for something that requires installation, remember the caliber of the people that they hire to do those installations and how they will abandon you when the installation is botched.

And maybe you'll decide to shop somewhere else.

I do.
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