Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
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Strep and Other Posts

Julie and daisy_knotwise have been dealing with a nasty respiratory thing for a week or so. Katie and I got a bit of it, but managed to beat it into submission -- in my case, with liberal doses of pseudoephedrine.

Today, Gretchen woke up and had moved into death warmed over status. I suggested that it was now time to go to the Walgreens clinic and get tested for strep, since her throat was massively swollen. And that she should take Julie too, because if Gretchen tested positive, we could then run the test on Julie and get them both antibiotics. (But not amoxycillin in Julie's case, because she is sensitive to it as we found out a bit over a year ago with the last case of strep.)

I offered to drive her, but she decided to drive herself. And when she got there, they were too busy to take her, so they made an appointment for her at 4 PM. And she came home and fell asleep in a chair.

Later in the afternoon, jeff_duntemann and Carol came by, as Jeff had agreed to help me replace some of the failed cedar fence in the back yard with the help of Ted, who runs our local BBQ place, but who used to do a lot of home renovation work and had the right tools.

It turned out that we needed to replace three posts, not just one. And two of the posts had rotted out, but left perfectly usable concrete footings, if only someone had a thin enough arm to reach down the hole and clean out the rotted post.

That would be Jeff. :)

So Jeff cleaned out the post holes, while I went out and picked up two more posts and some cement for the gate post which had also failed and taken out a section of fence that I'd demoed earlier in the afternoon. (Along with cutting out enough bridal wreath and honeysuckle so that we could actually get through the gate.)

While this was going on, Carol drove Gretchen and Julie back to Walgreens where they tested nicely positive for strep.

So they now have antibiotics.

And we almost have a fence again, as the front section that failed will need to rebuilt tomorrow once the cement has set for the new post.

Gretchen's off to bed; little girls are off to bed.

Me? Not so much... :)
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