Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Once More Into the Pool

Today was the last day that our neighborhood pool was going to be open this year, so we had made plans to go over for one last plunge. Then the neighbor girls arrived. This caused much emoting when the time came to leave, because how could they leave their friends, this was so unfair, and so on.

The emoting lasted until we walked into the pool and Katie and Julie saw other of their friends.

It's like that around here.

In other news, somehow the Cardinals are alone in first place in the NL Central Division, largely thanks to the Giants and Cubs, who have beaten the stuffing out of the Brewers lately. (The Cubs split the most recent series with the Cards, so they've been playing pretty well lately.)
Tags: baseball, cardinals, cubs, home, kids, musings


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