Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Hot, Hot, Hot

So I went to T-Bob's for breakfast this morning with daisy_knotwise, then back later for lunch. The latter did not work out quite as well as I'd hoped.

I ordered the T-Bob burger, which comes with cheddar cheese, bacon, grilled onions, and their sweet heat sauce. After the first bite, I realized that things were just a wee bit hotter than usual.

Maybe more than a wee bit. Like a whole lot.

Because I am not too bright, I ate the Flaming Burger of Death. By this time, Ted was out making a delivery, but his son was there and I told him that I thought that something was wrong with the sauce.

"Grab a piece of bread and dip it in the sauce on my plate."

He did. And his eyes got very wide.

The best guess is that the onions were sliced with the same knife that had sliced the fresh jalapenos, but not cleaned in between, and that a good bit of jalapeno had gotten into the grilled onions. This would explain a lot.

Because, oh man, that burger was on fire.
Tags: food, home, musings

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