Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Going Around in Circles

I'm busy trying to finish up a rearrangement of the Java and the C++ code that I've been massaging at work. Sadly, this involves a lot of back and forth and deciding that what I did several months ago isn't quite going to work or wasn't quite finished. But I'm closing in on the goal.

In other news, Jonathan Broxton blew a save for the second night in a row; the first to the benefit of the Cardinals, the second to the benefit of the Pirates. Trevor Rosenthal was working on blowing a save for the Cards tonight, but was replaced by Choate (the lefty) and Maness (the righty) to finish up the game, as it ended up taking four different pitchers to get the last four outs.

Net result: Cardinals magic number down to seven.
Tags: baseball, cardinals, home, musings, work

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