Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

I Don't Believe What I Just Didn't See

I knew the Cardinals were opening the NLDS against the Dodgers tonight out in L.A. But then I went head down over work and was still frantically coding when it was time for us to drop Katie off at a friend's birthday party. We were a little late dropping her off, but got her there in reasonable time.

I had ordered some new jeans to be shipped to the DestinationXL out in Schaumburg next to Woodfield Mall and had gotten the call earlier in the week that they'd arrived. So it seemed like a good time to run out there with daisy_knotwise and Julie, grab the jeans, get dinner at Red Robin, and then hustle back to pick up Katie. Gretchen was driving the minivan which has satellite radio and it popped up a notice that the Cards/Dodgers game was available to listen to on ESPN and that the Cardinals were leading 1-0. This sounded good, so I switched over to it.

By the time we got out to Schaumburg, the Cardinals were no longer leading. Then we got caught in a left-turn traffic signal glitch caused by an accident further down the road. No more than three cars were getting through on the green arrow (and no turn allowed without the arrow), but traffic might have cleared eventually if we hadn't stopped getting arrows altogether. Traffic was moving from every lane except ours. Oh, joy.

People in front of us started turning left sort of at random when they decided they'd had enough. We were number two in the queue, the car in front of us was just sitting there, and I decided to hop out of the car and take the short walk to the store. About five minutes after I got there, Gretchen finally got a green light and made it into the parking lot. It took me a few minutes to get checked out, but I eventually made it back to the car, where the Cardinals proceeded to give up some more runs and were now trailing 6-1.

I turned off the radio.

So off to Red Robin we went for dinner. Normally, you might see playoff baseball on the TV screens there, but they were all showing Blackhawks pre-season hockey, apparently because pre-season hockey involving a Chicago team is more interesting than post-season baseball involving any non-Chicago team. Well, the game was pretty out of hand anyway. And that was sad, because Adam Wainwright, the Cards best pitcher had started the game and had given up those six runs.

After eating, we needed to hurry back and pick up Katie. Gretchen had turned the radio back onto Radio Margaritaville and it thoughtfully popped up another game update: STL 7, LAD 6. Huh? Did I really read that?

I decided that this was not the moment to touch the radio given the not-so-wonderful things that had happened the last time I tuned into the game. A few moments later, another update popped: STL 10, LAD 6. Say what?

We picked up Katie from the birthday party (where a good time had been had by all) and headed home. With a bit of help from Gretchen, I found the game hiding on Fox Sports 2 and turned it on just in time for Randy Choate to give up a two-run homer to Adrian Gonzalez to cut the Cards lead to 10-8. Eep. But Neshek got the Cards out of the eighth inning.

(In the meantime, I checked the box score on my phone and discovered that the Cardinals had plated eight runs in the top of the seventh to take the lead, tagging Clayton Kershaw, the Dodgers best pitcher, for eight runs on the evening. Apparently, this was not a night for anyone to be trying to pitch on reputation.)

The Cards didn't score in the top of the ninth and the ball went to Trevor Rosenthal, who was throwing gas, as he struck out the Dodgers leadoff man. But a single by Ellis and a double by Ethier put runners on second and third with one out. I was beginning to believe that I really shouldn't be trying to follow this game, because bad things kept happening when I did.

But Gordon grounded out, scoring one run to make it 10-9. And then Rosenthal struck out Puig to end the game.

I was greatly relieved.

And the Cardinals have now stolen a game in L.A., although not in a way that anyone would have anticipated.
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