Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

A Small Technical Difficulty Solved

So having installed the new audio interface box, I ran to the basement last night to record a scratch track for the GAFilk Songbook so that quadrivium might still have a chance to transcribe it. As I worked through a number of small problems, such as a microphone that had been partially disassembled by little girls, my inability to read a perfectly well-labeled mic cable, and a glitch in the final verse that won't actually affect the transcription, but which makes me sound like an idiot as I forget the words that are sitting in front of me :), I eventually managed to get a scratch track that would solve the current problem. And the recording sounded pretty good as I ran to the studio to set the levels for the mic-pre, then checked the levels on the old Frontier Designs Tranzport remote control to make sure that I was getting a decent level.

Compared to the old studio setup where I had a mic-pre and the requisite knobs for adjusting levels sitting in the recording booth, the procedure was, well, a bit suboptimal. If I needed to adjust levels, I would have to get up and go back to the recording booth. If only there were something I could do about that...

It turns out that there was.

The new mic-pre has a console app that you can use to set the levels (among a great many other things it does). Of course, that console app is running on the Windows box which is firmly ensconced in the other room. I just needed a way to reach ghostly fingers through the wall and tweak that interface.

Which is what VNC will let you do.

So I loaded a VNC server onto the computer and a VNC client onto my increasingly aged Toshiba tablet. And after a bit of messing around, I can now control the console interface from the recording booth.

And there was much rejoicing. :)
Tags: dodeka, filk, home, musings, tech

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