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The State of the TV

So here we are in a new TV season and the question around here is what to watch. This is where we're at so far this season.

Holdover Shows We Are Essentially Caught Up On

  • Castle -- well, of course we're caught up on this show. And it's been interesting.
  • Once Upon a Time -- essentially up to date, as we'll watch the second half of the two-parter tonight. We're only behind because of Windycon last weekend.
  • Hawaii Five-O -- caught up on our good mindless entertainment. Wondering where Grace has disappeared to. Realizing that Catherine is much easier on the eyes than Jerry.
  • CSI -- one episode behind due to Windycon again. The show was massively improved when Ted Danson joined the cast a few seasons back.
  • Elementary -- will watch tonight's episode over the weekend. It just started, so being caught up is easy.
  • The Big Bang Theory -- caught up. Wondering if Howard's mother will die on the show as she (sadly) just did in real life.
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. -- caught up. This is making Gretchen a bit crazy, because of the level of conspiracy involved, but I think that's starting to clear up lately. The comics fan in me is enjoying this a lot.

    Holdover Shows That We Are Behind On
  • Sleepy Hollow -- not started. Gretchen's quota of conspiracy theory is currently overfilled by S.H.I.E.L.D. :)
  • Mom -- barely started. The problem is that this is a half-hour sitcom that we will not watch where the girls can see it, so it tends to drift to the bottom of the list.
  • Mike & Molly -- starts December 8th, so I guess we're caught up in the sense that none have been shown.
  • New Girl -- still haven't finished last season. The problem is that Gretchen isn't that fond of the show, so I only watch it sporadically when she's busy with something else.

    New Shows That We Are More Or Less Caught Up On
  • NCIS: New Orleans -- this is the prize of the new season in dramas. It's a very relaxed show in its own way, with an engaging cast headed by old favorite, Scott Bakula. This is a procedural show that we actually feel safe about watching when the girls might walk into the room.
  • A to Z -- we like this show a lot. One of the two leads is Cristin Milioti, a refugee from How I Met Your Mother. This is a lovely romantic comedy that took a few episodes to find its way. It is also a dead show walking, because the order is for 13 episodes and the chances for renewal are essentially nil at this point. Watch it anyway.
  • Selfie -- we were dubious about this show after the opener, but decided to give it a few more episodes as we continued the hunt for a new romantic comedy. It improved a lot. Sadly, it's deader than A to Z as ABC has pulled it off the schedule and has no known plans to show the other episodes that were filmed. That's a shame.

    New Shows That We Are Way Behind On
  • Scorpion -- this show has been savaged by my tech savvy friends, for good reasons. It appears to be doing ok in the ratings, so it will probably hang around. We will probably watch it when we have run out of everything else to watch. It is, at least, marginally safe to watch if the girls might walk in.
  • The Mysteries of Laura -- Gretchen watched an episode and dragged me in, describing it as Castle if Beckett were the comedic lead. That's not a bad description and it's a reasonably funny little dramedy. I keep expecting it to be canceled, because, well, NBC.
  • Forever -- we're collecting this for later viewing. The reviews are good and it's been picked up for a full season, so I expect we'll eventually watch it.

    That's the news around here in a reasonably spoiler-free fashion.

    What are you watching?
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