Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Katie's Christmas Wish List

Last night, shortly after she was supposed to be in bed asleep, Katie knocked on the bedroom door (which was locked, as we were hiding Christmas presents for her and Julie that I'd bought at Chambanacon) to present us with her Christmas wish list, which I present below, complete with all misspellings and a translation key as required in parentheses.

Wish list

1. a will U (this is actually a Wii U, which is certainly easy enough to misspell)
2. a black puppy
3. a phone
4. more ruber bans (these are most probably hair elastics to tie back her hair. We think.)
5. a baby brother
6. a fancy ballgown dress
7. a thing that tells you how many steps you take
8. all the 7D movies (this is not a new film process; it's a new Disney Channel TV series. I think none are yet available on DVD.)
9. Pheinis and Ferd across the second dmenchin viedoe game will (note that this last is how Katie spells "Wii")
10. a new bike

Ok. Well, some of these are more likely than others...
Tags: christmas, home, kids, musings

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