Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

What an Incredible Mess You're Discovered!

My employer has been chasing after my old corporate desktops for some time now, wanting to take them away from me. I have managed to resist this until now, but by next summer, they will have to go away anyway, as they're running Windows Server 2003 which I won't be allowed to upgrade from and which will hit end of life then. So when they chased me in October when I asked for a simple problem to be fixed, I told them not now, but here we are in December, and I have given up.

The new laptop arrived last week and I think everything has been moved over from the more useful old hulk. The backup hulk doesn't have anything of interest on it, nor does the laptop which I really only used when I was in the Loop office for a short visit. The new machine isn't yet completely configured, but I have a VM that I can work on.

Thus, it is time to clean off and rearrange the desk.

I have thrown out a lot of paper. I have many more things that should be filed away.

And then I will remove the fine coating of dust from every surface and rearrange the desk so that it conveniently holds my personal desktop and the work laptop.

At the moment though, I've got a big mess...
Tags: home, musings, tech, work

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