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I took Katie and Julie out to do some Christmas shopping for daisy_knotwise this afternoon while Gretchen went out in another direction to do some different shopping and decompress for a bit. Once we'd acquired the item of interest, I needed to decant Julie back into Gretchen's care so that Katie and I could go shop for Julie. I figured we could meet at Golf Mill Mall, which I used to go to a lot, as it was roughly in the middle of the search pattern and quite close to the Toys 'R Us that I'd targeted for the post-Julie segment of the expedition.

The food court has changed a lot. The only constants were McDonald's and Panda Express. Taco Bell and Arby's were both gone. We stalled there for a while as the girls had frozen yogurt and I had a pretzel. Then Julie became bored and wanted to go back to the car, where we waited for Gretchen to arrive.

After handling off Julie, Katie and I drove across the street to the Toys 'R Us where parking was completely impossible. Rather than continue to circle looking for a parking space, I headed home, arriving only moments after Julie and Gretchen.

And then Katie and I found the perfect presents for Julie on Amazon.

Thus do we gradually kill off brick and mortar shopping, although not for lack of trying...
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