Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Here Comes the Sun

The weather forecast for today was for continued dreary. This was not to daisy_knotwise's advantage, as she has a fair bit of seasonal affective disorder and it has been gray and dreary for much too long now.

The phone rang early this morning. It was my dentist's office returning my call from the previous day when I'd left a message asking "Didn't we miss a cleaning?" Yes, yes, we had, and if I could get there at 10 AM, we could have one today. This sounded like a good choice, so I hustled into the shower, intent upon stopping at T-Bob's for breakfast on the way.

I stepped outside and the sun was shining brightly. This was unexpected and -- according to the bit I'd heard on the radio that morning -- unlikely to last long. So I ducked back in and shouted up the stairs, "Go stand in the parking lot!"

This is what a long-ago boss of Gretchen's told her after a similarly dreary stretch of days when the sun finally came out. As I pulled out in the car, the bedroom shade had been pulled open and the sunlight was streaming into the house.

As it turned out, the forecast had been completely in error and we had sunshine all day.

Gretchen is in a much better mood now. :)

However, her computer has decided to fail again. I think I may be making a trip down to MicroCenter for Boxing Day. *sigh*
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