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Bill Roper's Journal
25th-Dec-2014 09:54 pm
Katie and Julie were up early today to open their presents. They were delighted to discover that Mom and Dad had gotten them a Wii U. And Santa had left nice things as well.

The amount of time required to set up the Wii U, well...

Later, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Carol joined us for dinner and the further exchange of gifts, both of which were pronounced good all around.

I'm typing this message on my new iPad, which was my big present. The differences between this and my Android devices will take some getting used to, but that's ok.

And soon it will be time for bed.
26th-Dec-2014 08:19 am (UTC)
In the course of conversation today, SR said that she'd been seeing people saying that the best way to deal with the setup time for a Wii/Xbox/etc was to take it out of the box the week before Christmas and plug it in, let it run its updates and patches, then put it back in the box. (Or, conversely, after getting it set up, tape the box back up, wrap it and put it under the tree. Meanwhile, hook the system up on Xmas Eve and tuck it under/behind some furniture in the room so it's ready to play.)

I was always Mean Mommy and didn't let them play Xmas computer games until Boxing Day.
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