Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Step By Step, The Longest March...

I have prepared almost all of the royalty statements and checks for ISFiC Press and have them ready to mail on Monday. The remaining royalty statements are going to people that I've already paid and who I should be able to send the royalty statements to via e-mail.

Earlier in the day, I spent some time in the studio with daisy_knotwise critiquing that mix of "Candy Tree" that I did yesterday. Adjustments were made to everyone's satisfaction.

Then I pulled up one of the original tracks from The Grim Roper, "Masquerade", and took a run at mixing it. This eventually resulted in me triggering the demo for the Precision K-Stereo plugin and then buying the K-Stereo plugin, because it looks like a very useful thing to add to the mix when dealing with nearly 30-year-old tracks with a single mono vocal and a single mono guitar track.

More mixing and more royalty statements will follow soon, but it's time to take a break. :)
Tags: dodeka, filk, home, isfic press, musings, tech

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