Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Mix Me Slowly

I have several projects hanging fire in the studio. I also have a pretty much completely new recording and mixing configuration to learn how to handle now that the d8b has departed. All things considered, I figured it best to use myself as the tackling dummy for learning about all this, because I would have only myself to blame for any entertainment that ensued. :)

I'm still waiting for the control surface with actual faders to ship. (No one has one yet. The thing was announced last January at NAMM and has been, well, shall we say, vaporware. On the other hand, it's rumored that it will finally ship next month. We'll see how that goes.) But having wired up the new iPad as the Cubase remote, I can now sit in between the two speakers where I'm listening to the mix and tweak levels on the iPad. It's not quite as satisfactory as real faders, but it's easier to cope with than moving to the right and grabbing the mouse.

Of course, all of the old projects were configured to run through the d8b with outboard gear, even when I was mixing in Cubase. But I've now managed to save some useful presets so that I can quickly reconfigure the inputs and outputs for the projects to match the new gozintas and gozoutas, so that's much simpler.

And now, I'm running through all the mixes and auditioning the new plugins to see if they'll do what I want better than the old Cubase plugins and outboard gear. So far, I've decided I prefer the Cubase de-esser to the UA version, so I won't be buying the latter plugin. :)

So progress is being made. Maybe not as quickly as I'd prefer, but it's progress.
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