Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Switch (Plate)

Some time ago, one of the members of the family leaned on one of the single-throw switch plates in the bedroom and cracked it. It probably could have been left that way, but I went out and picked up a new switch plate to replace it. The new switch plate was slightly larger than the original switch plate, fashions having changed a bit since the house was built eighteen years ago.

I could either replace the replacement plate or I could replace all of the other switch plates.

Naturally, I decided to replace all of the other switch plates.

So I proceeded to replace all of the single-throw plates upstairs a while back, but this left the question of what to do about the double-throw plates.

Naturally, I decided to replace all of the double-throw plates as well. And I might as well replace the switch plates downstairs, both single-throw and double-throw. I bought the switch plates.

And they sat on the counter in the kitchen for months.

Today, I noticed that the rocker switch that had been installed in the bathroom downstairs when it was remodeled some years ago was thinking strongly about failing, as it no longer rocked up and down, but a bit left and right as well. Since we use that bathroom a lot, I figured I'd replace the switch, but it was late on New Year's Day, so I also figured it could wait until tomorrow.

On the other hand, I did have all of those switch plates that still needed to be installed.

So now all of the other switch plates have been replaced, save for a funky three-throw plate near the front door that I'll need to pick up tomorrow. I started to replace the switch plates in the basement, but the switches there are a slightly different design from when Billy, our handyman, built out the basement in 2001 and the switch plates are durable metal, so they can stay. The new switch plates don't really fit them as well as the metal ones do. :)

And that was my New Year's Day present to myself, because something is now -- more or less! -- finished.
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